Dr. Benjamin D. Whiting, Instructor

April 2 - July 2

Melrose Center

101 East Central Boulevard 

Orlando, FL 32801 

United States

This 12-week course provides students with a foundation in sound design, algorithmic composition, and basic visualization techniques, using the SuperCollider programming language as a creative platform. The course is split into three parts. The first four weeks introduce the class to the basics of SuperCollider and additive synthesis sound design. The second part covers algorithmic composition, in addition to discussing electroacoustic æsthetics to help prepare the students for their final projects. The last four weeks of the course touch upon advanced sound design in addition to the basics of visualization techniques. By the end of the course, students will have attained the knowledge and experience necessary to begin producing their own multimedia music compositions, in addition to confidently approaching the art of sound design.


The class culminates in a concert of student works premiered at the Timucua Arts White House. Anyone is more than welcome to audit the class free of charge. However, students wishing to appear on the final concert will need to make a payment of $50 to the Timucua Arts Foundation.