The Chaosflöte is a sensor-augmented flute and a tool for the creation of interdisciplinary performances. Born out of the desire to give the performer freedom and creative expressivity with electronics, the Chaosflöte can be programmed to control anything from the timbre of the electronic sound it produces, to crafting immersive, on-screen visuals that react to the performer’s movements.


We at Null-state believe in the importance of making sensor-augmented instruments more widely accessible to musicians. This is why the Chaosflöte is comprised of wireless, easily removable modules that install ergonomically onto the instrument. Performers and composers not familiar with programming will find our open-source, touchscreen interface easy to use when programming the functionality of the Chaosflöte for their specific needs.


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The Chaosflöte is currently on its third alpha-state, containing the following components:

    i. An Adafruit Feather microcontroller
    ii. A custom keyswitch board with an embedded motion sensor.
    iii. TE Connectivity Measurement Specialties 4515-DS5B002DP airflow pressure sensor
    iv. Specially designed plastic mount and casing

The hardware has been primarily developed in collaboration with Sébastien Schiesser at the Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK) Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST). The component list will continue to develop as the instrument is being refined.

Prototype air sensor (alpha version 3)

Prototype keyswitch motion board (alpha version 4)

Prototype keyswitch motion board (alpha version 4)

Alpha version 3 Chaosflöte

Prototype air sensor (alpha version 3)

Chaosflöte (alpha version 3) with sensors attached


The Chaosflöte is distributed with custom software---called the ChaosCPU---to deliver a highly flexible, portable, and integratable experience without the necessity for understanding how multimedia programming works. The ChaosCPU includes graphic interfaces for Chaosflöte sound synthesis and processing modules, in addition to global audio and server controls. Users will be able to specify signal flow by patching together modules in its own patching environment, and can customize the look and feel of any of the preloaded synthesis and processing modules, in addition to being able to upload their own.

While the ChaosCPU is built around SuperCollider as its engine for sound processing and synthesis, it is designed to be used in any other language that is capable of sending and receiving OSC messages.

Prototype of the ChaosCPU Graphical User Interface

The ChaosCPU contains everything one needs to get set up and experimenting with the Chaosflöte. For touch-screen access to the modules' controls during performances, ports of the software to Android and iOS are also currently in the works, as well as an Audio Unit version for incorporation in Digital Audio Workstations, such as Logic and Reaper.


One of the visions for the Chaosflöte is to enable new, interdisciplinary compositions for the instrument. Thus, we have strongly believed in composing and premiering a new composition for every stage of the instrument's development. Below you can hear the most recent compositions on the most recent version of the Chaosflöte.

List of Compositions:

BAD DECISIONS (2019) by Melody Chua

NEXTION (2018) by Melody Chua

(alpha-state ver. 4 instrument)​

Human Sequencer (2018) by Benjamin D. Whiting

(alpha-state ver. 4 instrument)​

How Am I Not Myself? (2018) by Howard Kenty (2017 Null-state Commission Competition Winner)

(alpha-state ver. 4 instrument)​

Chaos Ver. 4: Circle (2018) by Melody Chua

(alpha-state ver. 4 instrument)​

Prelude for an Avenoir (2017) by Melody Chua
(alpha-state ver. 4 instrument)

Entropic Atelier Nr. 3 (2017) by Benjamin D. Whiting
(alpha-state ver. 4 instrument)

Chaos Ver. 2b (2017) by Melody Chua
(alpha-state ver. 3 instrument)

HCaos Ver. 2 (2017) by Melody Chua
(alpha-state ver. 2 instrument)

Selective Memory (2016) by Melody Chua
(alpha-state ver. 1 instrument)

Entropic Atelier Nr. 1-2 (2016) by Benjamin D. Whiting
(alpha-state ver. 0 instrument)


Chaos Ver. 1 (2016) by Melody Chua
(alpha-state ver. 0 instrument)

Babby’s First Song (2016) by Melody Chua and Benjamin D. Whiting