Entry Rules

Please read all rules before proceeding. Direct any questions to info@nullstate.org
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) on 31 January 2019.
NOTE: If you experience problems during uploading, please email info@nullstate.org for an alternative submission method.


- Each participant is allowed to submit up to two (2) pieces. These compositions can be for any instrument(s), but they must also include electronics. 

- There is a US$15.00 entry fee for each submitted piece. 

- The submitted piece(s) must have been written within the past seven (7) years.

- Each submitted piece must not exceed fifteen (15) minutes in length.

- There are no restrictions placed on the performance or award history of submitted pieces, nor on the nationality, age, gender identification, and/or experience level of composers.

- Only compositions for instrument(s) with electronics will be considered. Fixed media compositions or works for acoustic instruments alone will not be considered.

- The accompanying electronics may be live, fixed, or some mixture of the two.


- Every submitted piece must include the following within a ZIP/RAR/7z file or tarball:

    - A studio or live stereo recording of the piece in MP3 format. 

    - A score of the piece or synopsis if the piece does not have a traditionally-notated score.

    - A tech rider detailing requirements for performance, including those pertaining to equipment and type of venue.

- The pieces MUST BE ANONYMOUSLY SUBMITTED. Nothing that can identify the composer may be visible on any submitted material.

- Any piece found in violation of the rules may be disqualified with no refund of their entry fee.



The selected composer will receive a US$1000.00 commission to write a piece for Chaosflöte. Additional prizes may be awarded, dependent on the securing of additional funding.

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