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Compress the recording of your piece, score, and technical rider into one zip file. In order to make this a fair and anonymous process, please submit your works using a pseudonym, instead of your real name. This pseudonym should not resemble your real name! However, the real name of the pieces should be used (see below for examples).



Each submission must be contained in a separate zip file. See the screenshots below for a detailed walkthrough of the process.

Step 1: Upload your zip file(s)
Step 2: Enter your pseudonym in the first name field (leave the last name field blank), and make sure to provide a valid email address (this email address will not be visible to any of the judges). NOTE TO DROPBOX USERS: If you are logged in, make sure to sign out before you submit! That way, you can submit using your pseudonym instead of your real name.
When you have finished reading the instructions above, upload the zip file(s) to the Submission Dropbox by clicking the "Upload" button below.
You will receive a confirmation email from Dropbox that your file(s) have been submitted.
When you have uploaded your file(s), please proceed to Step 2 by clicking on the button below.